History: Qualica Asia Pacific

2018/12 Head Office moved to Jurong East
2013/04 Changed company name from "TKSoft Singapore Pte. Ltd." to "Qualica Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd."
2001/11 Established "TKSoft Singapore Pte. Ltd."

History: Qualica

2020/05 Start providing "XLake", compound services including AI Paas and AI engineer support.
2020/01 Established subsidiary "QUALICA (Thailand) Co., Ltd." in Bangkok, Thailand.
2019/04 Transferred all businesses from Datatron and opened Saitama Office
2018/11 Start of sale of "iBowQube", Helmet mounted wearable device.
2018/08 Established a representative office in Thailand.
2018/02 Start of providing "CarePAD", Elderly person watching service.
2018/01 Datatron having strength in developing GPS Systems and Communication devices, become a subsidiary.
2017/12 Assignment of part of business for Apparel from OLYMPUS SYSTEMS CORP
2017/09 Start of sale of "TimeManagementQUBE", Time Management Solution.
2017/02 Start of sale of "PITT Qube", Next-generation WEB parts catalog.
2016/07 Changed the group name to TIS INTEC Group.
2015/10 Established a representative office in Indonesia.
2015/04 Start of sale of "QTaaS", service virtualization on cloud cooperating with CA Technologies Inc.
2014/10 Assignment of embedded business from TIS First Manage Inc.
2014/04 Assignment of part of "CSS-NET" business for document solution from Komatsu Ltd.
2014/03 Assignment of part of information network business from Komatsu NTC subsidiary. Established Toyama office.
2013/10 Assignment of part of food service industry business from Universal Solution Systems Inc.
2013/07 Start of sale of "SCRMQube" for supply chain risk management system.
2011/12 Head office moved to Nishishinjuku in Shinjuku-ku.
2011/04 Start of sale of "CareQube" for preventive maintenance support system.
2010/08 Start of sale of IaaS "Qcloud" for enterprise.
2010/07 Start of sale of "AToMsQube" for product management system.
2008/04 Following the merger between TIS Inc. and INTEC Holdings to form IT Holdings Corporation, became a member of the IT Holdings Group.
2007/06 Established Qualica (Shanghai) Inc.
2007/03 Accredited as a METI System Operation.
2006/09 Assignment of "WebLight" business from Komatsu Ltd.
2005/10 Start of sale of "SpecialtyQube" for retail store managing system.
2005/09 Expanded in China the casting simulation in association with Dalian University of Technology.
2003/02 Company name changed to QUALICA Inc. and head office moved to Toyo in Koto-ku
2002/10 15 percent of outstanding shares transferred from Komatsu Ltd. to TIS Inc.
[Shareholders: TIS Inc. 80%, Komatsu 20%]
Accredited with privacy mark from Japan Information Processing Development Corporation.
2001/02 Obtained ISO9001 certification
2000/04 65 percent of outstanding shares transferred from Komatsu Ltd. to TIS Inc.
[Shareholders: TIS Inc. 65%, Komatsu 35%]
1997/12 Start of sale of "Vext series" of text mining
1992/04 Changed company name to Komatsu Soft Ltd.
1991/04 Datacenter (current QD) operations begin
1991/03 Start of sale of "Tasty Series" of packaged software for the food service industry
1990/07 Head office moved to Yushima in Bunkyo-ku
1988/12 Accredited as a MITI system integrator
1987/12 Entry into the field of distribution
1986/06 Began sale of "SOLIDA" (predecessor of current LSCCAST) CAE software for casting plans
1982/11 Established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Komatsu
Started software development
Started sale of hardware (IBM distributor)
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